Top Chemistry Projects For Bored Kids


Do you want to do a chemistry project which interests as well as enhances the knowledge of your kid about the subject? If so, then here are some top chemistry projects for kids that will not only enhance their knowledge, but also keep them entertained and busy.

Making slime will be fun. It is a classic school chemistry project. If you have some knowledge about adding more effects to slime, teach it to your kid. Slime has many versions. Basically, white glue and borax are the key ingredients for making slime. Flubber is one of its edible types.

Crystal spikes are another simple and low cost project which involves evaporating a solution of Epsom salt on construction paper. When this is done, it results in crystals with vibrant colors. Other chemicals such as salt, sugar and borax can also be used.

Baking soda volcano is very easy to make. It does require some initial preparation like making the cone of a volcano as the baking soda solution as to erupt from the mouth. In case the baking soda trick does not work, then use all the ingredients that used to make Mentos and diet soda to create a volcano effective.

If you kids love to help you in the kitchen, then make some edible foods like sugar crystals. This can be time consuming and needs to be supervised as it involves fire and cooking. Or else, you can mix ice cream ingredients together and teach children the concept of freezing and depression.

Alternatively, you can teach kids about acidity and basicity by giving them a pH paper and letting them test some household cleaning products. Again this is a supervised activity as it involves chemicals.

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