Creative DIY Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Favors


With everyone’s budgets getting smaller and smaller these days, it is no wonder that brides are looking for more ideas for creating inexpensive wedding favors for their guests. While some couples are even ditching the idea of giving party favors at all, most brides on a tight budget are looking for DIY ideas (do it yourself). We have created a list of some of the most popular homemade wedding favors that are both easy to put together and kind to your budget.

Bake your own cookies, or have a cookie baking party with friends. Put them in little organza bags or wrap a couple cookies in squares of pretty cloth with a ribbon around them. Choose cloth that complements your wedding theme or colors, such as pretty floral prints for a spring or garden wedding.

Everyone loves candy, and it is one of the easiest favors to put together. Buy your favorite candy in bulk and get favor boxes, bags, jars, or tins online or in discount stores. You can then make your own favor tags or print them from a template online. Many online stores sell pretty favor labels and tags in a variety of designs and colors. Here are just a few of your many options for bulk candy to put into a favor:

  • Jelly Bellies or other colored jelly beans
  • M&Ms. You can get these personalized and in any color combination.
  • Pastel mint lentils or chocolate dutch mint balls
  • Retro candy, particularly for a vintage style wedding
  • Holiday theme candy, such as candy corn, conversation hearts, or red hot hearts
  • Chocolate foil coins, hearts, stars, or other shapes
  • Hershey’s kisses.
  • Jordan almonds in different colors or silver foil
  • Salt water taffy or rock candy for a beach theme or summer wedding
  • Candy ‘pebbles’

Use creative packaging and accents that you can buy in bulk, such as small mason jars, pieces of tulle or silk fabric, peacock feathers, or even bird’s nests. You can find great ideas for containers and accessories at places like a craft store (Michael’s), large discount store (like Walmart), or any online party and craft supply site (such as Oriental Trading).

Give a different type of edible favor. Break away from the traditional candy and fill your favors with something different, such as a gourmet loose tea, exotic or theme-based spices (Herbes do Provence), or even some birdseed for our feathered friends.

Spend some time in the kitchen and cook up something special. If you have the time and instincts, there are many great favors you can create from scratch. Homemade jams, chocolate from custom molds, handmade soaps and candles, and chocolate or caramel dipped apples are just a few examples. Pick your passion since these can take a big chunk of time from your schedule.

A little planning and extra time is required to make sure your DIY wedding favors come out perfectly. Price out all your supplies first to make sure you are not spending more to make your gifts yourself versus buying them. Be aware of weather conditions during your planned season and adapt accordingly. For example, it is not great idea to order chocolates in summer due to the potential to melt and the steep expedited shipping costs. Finally, pick inexpensive favor bags and boxes that are easy to fill if you are short on time.

Source by Sharyn Sheldon

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