Candy Boxes That Make Great Gifts


Festive boxes filled with delicious candy are a romantic gesture that everyone can enjoy! Especially when you choose the right candy. Find decadent, high quality chocolates and more to trick out a box for your special someone this Valentines Day. Or, take advantage of customizable options to create fun, mouthwatering surprises perfect for any occasion at all. Holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries-practically any event can be celebrated with chocolate, marzipan, gummie, or any treat that fits in a box. And now you can pick from a variety of shapes, sizes, themes and looks, so the packaging of your candy box reflects the occasion. Browse fun candy boxes in deluxe variety today and create a delicious memory that will last long after the last caramel is eaten up.

Choc-A-Lot: Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate pretzels-the perfect marriage of salt, crunch and creamy chocolate-they’re so good, it’s impossible to keep them in stock. Do your special someone (and yourself) a favor by making sure they’re flush with delicious gourmet chocolate covered pretzels. Chocolate also makes a fantastic “thank you” gift, or treat for the office around holiday time. Crisp, nutritious pretzels are loaded with high quality chocolate in both light and dark varieties. Then, a generous layer of candy topping is added, creating a pretzel experience unlike any other. And the trendy packaging makes them a fun visual element in any kitchen or cubicle. Enjoy gourmet chocolate covered pretzel boxes all year round.

Cho-A-Lot: White Fudge Covered Corn Horns

Finally, a white chocolaty snack that indulges your cravings for crunchy, salty, creamy and sweet all one fell swoop. What’s under that rich white fudge? It’s that classic, corny after-school treat-Bugles®! For an unexpected gift, in fun, tubular packaging, this is one candy box you won’t want to miss. A great treat for kids and adults alike. Order now and enjoy the convenience of delivery direct to your office or the home of a friend. An added bonus: direct delivery means you won’t be tempted to snack on these tempting little morsels. Order a few tubes and keep them on hand for unexpected gift-giving occasions.

Deluxe Choc-O-Lot: Variety

Gift a generous two-tiered box of gourmet chocolates hand selected by the world’s foremost expert in good taste-you! You can personalize a big box for a friend or loved one and have it sent to their home or office in less then 20 minutes. It’s a delicious, affordable way to say thank you or make a great impression. Attractive designer boxes are highly reusable for storage, display or crafting. Leave an impression on a friend, coworker or loved one without leaving one on the planet.

Choc-O-Lot: Oversized Peanut Butter Cups

Everyone knows that peanut butter is the truest soul mate of fickle chocolate. These rich, oversized peanut butter cups offer everything PB&C fans adore in the combo-only more of it! Milk chocolaty creaminess over a generous center of salty, nutty satisfaction is sure to prove the perfect gift for any occasion. Just make sure you don’t forget to keep a few around the house for emergencies! (Tip: keep some in the freezer for a frosty sweet treat your family will love.)

Choc-A-Lot: Pecan Caramel Patties

Ten mouthwatering clusters featuring tender pecans and sweet caramel make the perfect gift. Plus, a cute, retro styled box design is reusable and recyclable-making your gift to a friend, coworker, or sweetheart as earth-friendly as it is delicious.

Cho-A-Lot: Milk Chocolate Cups With M&M’s

For the real-deal chocoholic in you or your favorite candy lover, this intense combination of chocolate and… more chocolate may be just the thing to hit that elusive sweet spot and stop cravings where they start. Gourmet chocolate cups are fills with milk chocolate, coated in more milk chocolate, and then studded with M&M’s chocolate candies, for a creamy, sweet sensation unlike any other. The designer packaging is sturdy, cute and fully recyclable-that is, if you can stand to throw it out.

Candy Filled Gold Jewelry Box

A sparkling chocolate bounty that meets a gold standard for deliciousness! This fun treasure chest offers a wide range of shimmering morsels; a layer of chocolate covered Oreos dusted in edible silver; pearlized Sixlets that gleam like deep-sea jewels; rock candy cut to resemble real diamonds; and the crown jewel, an artisanal turquoise candy ring crafted by hand in Barcelona, Spain. It’s an amazing gift box that will garner stunned delight, layer after sparkling layer.

Source by Rebecca A Wiska

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