About Us

Sugar crystals have for centuries been an age-old sweet tradition.

Our Amber and White Sugar Crystal Swizzle Sticks are an elegant alternative to granulated or cubed sugar and are guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to your favourite beverage on any occasion. Available individually wrapped or unwrapped in boxes of 100 pcs for the hospitality and catering industries and a range of options for the retail market with our 10 pc Pyramid Pack being the most popular. Home branding is one of our company’s strengths as we can accommodate small volumes in short turnaround times.

Our Coloured & Flavoured Rock Candy Sticks and Loose Crystals are sure to add a touch of bling to your special occasion, compliment almost any colour décor scheme and are a favourite sweet treat for kids. Available individually wrapped in 15 Colours & Flavours in 50pc and 100pc boxes. Our range of retail options include a 6pc Hang Pack, 18pc Tub and 48pc Retail Shipper.

Our Coloured and Flavoured Loose Sugar Crystals are used by bakers and cake decorators worldwide. Available in 500g and 1kg resealable pouches in 15 different Colours & Flavours.

The Sugar Crystal Company has a global client base of 42 countries worldwide with 13 years export experience and knowledge in both shipping and country specific customs’ requirements.

Our customers include:

Coffee Chains and Shops
Food Services and Distributors
Retail Outlets
Catering Companies
Event Companies and Co-ordinators
Wedding and Party Planners
Function and Conference venues
Gifting Companies
Luxury Liners and Trains
Guest Houses
Game Lodges
Bakers and Bakery Supply Companies